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Pro Level

​(Experienced Players)

Hit a wall? Want some more licks in your trick bag? What's that guy doing in that song? Want to shred? Let's sit down for guitar lessons in Perry Hall, MD...

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Custom Private Lessons (12+)

Young Rockers (8-11)

Does your child have an interest in music? Are they the next Eddie Van Halen or Taylor Swift?  Want to find out?  Get them Guitar Lessons in Baltimore...

Singer/Songwriter (12+)

Are you ready?  No matter what your age or style is, with the right guitar teacher you CAN learn to play guitar...

Baltimore Guitar Lessons is owned and operated by Scott Spivey; a professional musician and guitar teacher who has been offering guitar lessons in Baltimore, and guitar lessons in Perry Hall, MD since 1998.

​​​​Are you searching for your voice and how to express yourself through song? Consider a course in singing and songwriting at Baltimore Guitar Lessons ...

Study with an experienced, professional guitar teacher adept at working with anyone--young person through adult--at any skill level--beginner through advanced. Offering guitar lessons in Perry Hall, MD and Baltimore area since 1998.